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“End the rule of man to launch the wealth of mankind.” –Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton Reveals 3000 Year Old Secret
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All the people can live like millionaires, including the poor. Let me explain…

During the computer revolution of the late 20th Century, computer buying power multiplied so dramatically that ordinary families could buy computers that a few years earlier only millionaires could buy. The computer industry’s paradigm was elegantly simple, as follows: the ruling class had little control over the computer revolution.

The TVP takes that same paradigm and applies it to ALL AMERICAN INDUSTRIES. Buying power can multiply a thousand times, not just in buying computers…but in buying EVERYTHING. The coming TVP-induced, unhindered technological revolution will spread that same get-rich paradigm beyond the computer world across all industries. With the TVP, you will be able to buy what a few years before only millionaires could buy!
The TVP Platform is named: Make All the People Rich, Including the Poor! That title is literal, not figurative. The Twelve Visions Party literally delivers the largest, most ambitious get-rich program since the beginning of civilization. And all people will be the beneficiaries! They will live like millionaires without lifting a finger! People will be a thousand times richer!

If buying power multiplies a thousand times, then you become rich. That get-rich phenomenon applies universally as explained in the TVP Platform. All people will get rich, including the poor! And although the Twelve Visions Party has a comprehensive list of planks in its National Platform, the bottom-line results will be rapid and universal wealth (and health) for all citizens, including the poor. It is the largest, most realistic and most comprehensive get-rich program ever conceived.

Indeed, TVP is a big get-rich plan for the people…the biggest get-rich plan of all time. Imagine a monster class-action plan….the suppressed-class action plan! This is HUGE. There is a ruling class upon our society that has pushed us all down into a suppressed class – all of us! Only those in the ruling class are not pushed down. They control all the wealth! If not for them, then you would be rich! The TVP is universal, covering all the people from all social and racial backgrounds. The ENTIRE suppressed class of all social classes will rise up to the wealthy elite class! Universal wealth, health, and peace is a beautiful thing and, for the first time, is possible through the Twelve Visions Party.

The most wide-sweeping, far-reaching get-rich plan in history is taking place right now: remove the ruling class, and we will ALL BE RICH! A thousand times rich just as the unregulated, totally free computer industry of the late 20th century during which buying power multiplied 1000 times in a few short years!!! This is a massive class-action calling out – the suppressed-class action!

If we remove the ruling class, then the suppressed class will rise up at all levels – the poor, the middle class, the successful, the self-made millionaires – all will rise up very rapidly to the wealthy elite class. EVERYONE will become rich, including the poor!

How is that possible?

One example is the computer revolution of the late 20th century. Without the ruling class hovering over the computer industry, everyone rapidly became computer-rich. The computer revolution was a forerunner to the coming all-encompassing, TVP-induced technological revolution. If someone tells you the computers’ exponential multiplication of buying power was an anomaly due to the invention of the silicon chip, then the TVP Platform gives another indisputable example of this get-rich phenomenon 100 years ago before high-technology altogether. The TVP is here to eradicate the ruling class and liberate the suppressed class, sending the entire suppressed class soaring up to the wealthy elite class.

Defining the Suppressed Class

I ask both the poor and the middle class: how would you like to see your little bit of spending money buy ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times more goods?

I ask both the struggling and successful self-made business owners: how would you like to keep all of what you make without paying nearly half your money to the government?

How would you like to have no more state and federal regulations burdening your business and cutting back your profits?

The poor, the middle class, the struggling business owners, the rich business owners are in the same family, although they are played against each other by the ruling class. But they are in the same family of the non-ruling class…or the suppressed class.

When the suppressed class is free from the ruling class, then the self-made business owners soar ahead and compete for our business; they drive down our prices, which in turn drives up our buying power making the poor and middle class more prosperous. Remember the computers.

Society’s Two Families

Society consists of two families of people: the ruling class and the non-ruling class or the suppressed class…that is, the ruling family and the suppressed family.

Because of decades of media abuse, most people today do not understand their family relationships. For example, clever people in the ruling family influence people in the suppressed family to dislike each other. We are led to believe we dislike, even hate those in our own family…those geniuses of society who are actually our greatest benefactors.

We don’t realize that those geniuses of society whom we are led to hate are actually part of our own suppressed family, part of the non-ruling class or the suppressed class. They are the successful parents who want to make their children successful too. Those geniuses of society, if left alone by the ruling class, if not targeted, maligned, regulated, attacked and pushed down by the ruling class…those geniuses of society would raise the standard of living for all of us so fast and so dramatically that the less fortunate would quickly live prosperous and fulfilling lives. In fact, even the poor would soon live like millionaires.

The computer revolution gave us our most recent example during which computer buying power multiplied a thousand times in a few short years. The invention of the assembly-line starting with Henry Ford’s automobile was another example…when people could suddenly buy cars and other mass-produced goods that only millionaires could previously afford. There have been other examples, too, including an eye-opening example in the TVP Platform involving the railroad industry. There are examples throughout history involving the airline industry, the food industry, the publishing industry, the housing industry, the appliance industry, the medical industry and more. All such examples have a common thread: The ruling class was not yet hovering over those industries at the time of their prosperity-explosions for the people. They all have yet another common thread: their prosperity-explosions for the people were all stopped by the ruling class as you will see when you read the heartbreaking story of James J. Hill in Wealth, Health, Peace (the official Twelve Visions Party manifesto).

The geniuses of society are like our successful parents who want to raise us to be successful and happy too (although we have been led to dislike or even hate our “successful parents”). Henry Ford was so generous he was taken to court and thought to be going crazy for dramatically overpaying his employees and undercharging for his car. Of course, his genius worked, and he raised the standard of living of the entire country. If the geniuses of society were left alone by the ruling class, and if the people were not fooled by the ruling class, then the geniuses would raise our standard of living and make us love them just as the employees and customers loved Henry Ford. But by maligning and suppressing our greatest benefactors under relentless bad press, suffocating regulations and abusive litigation, their ability to send our standard of living soaring to new heights is destroyed. Through clever use of lies and propaganda, the ruling class leads us to dislike the geniuses of society as we remain suppressed in financially and emotionally inferior lives.

I have spent over thirty years researching and uncovering this well-hidden secret of the ruling class. I have written over three thousand pages of evidence exposing this 3000-year-old secret-suppression by the ruling class. I have also prepared in the the TVP Movement the solution to liberate us from our Great Suppression. As you will see, that solution will bring us stunning explosions in our standard of living. With this solution, all the people will in a few short years live like millionaires, including the poor. We saw it happen to the computer industry; now it can happen across all industries. The Twelve Visions Party along with its Prime Law is here to make that happen.

To Summarize:

The people whom we are led to believe we dislike or hate by the ruling class will make even the poorest of us rich. RICH!!! The poor will be rich! The unhindered geniuses of society will make all of us rich just as they did in the computer industry! The Twelve Visions Party shows you how!

The leaders whom we are led to believe we love by the ruling class will make the middle class poor. They are members of the manipulating ruling class who were never around the computer industry during its prosperity-explosion for the people and who suppress us and suppress the geniuses of society who could MAKE US RICH!!! The Twelve Visions Party shows you why!

The most ambitious get-rich plan since the beginning of time is upon us. And YOU can be the direct beneficiary. This has NEVER BEEN DONE before! NEVER CONCEIVED at this scale! Bringing down the ruling class sends the huge suppressed class at all its levels soaring up to the wealthy elite class!!! Including you!

How will this happen?

The rise of the Twelve Visions Party and its Prime Law will eradicate the ruling class to make all industry TOTALLY FREE for the geniuses to drive down costs, drive up buying power and make us all RICH!!!

To learn about and become part of this liberating movement, download the Get-Rich Plan below for FREE!

The TVP Movement needs members, for there is power in numbers. To join the TVP Movement is free, and it matters not if you are a registered voter or not a registered voter. It matters not if you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or registered under any party. Eventually, TVP members will be able to register under the Twelve Visions Party, but for now to help build recognition and numbers and to mobilize our efforts, anyone eighteen or older can join TVP. There is no charge. We will change the world! You may join simply because you are curious and want to receive free updates and merely follow our progress. In time, as you see the benefits of TVP, you may want to get involved. You will receive information showing how you can help. Someday, when you believe in TVP, you may want to become part of history and run for office as a TVP candidate. Download the Get-Rich Plan below for FREE! Then, you may join us to change our world for the better and to eventually live the life you were meant to live!

Mark Hamilton and The Get-Rich Plan

Whereas the TVP Movement takes time to succeed (politics is designed to move slowly, which protects the ruling class), you can still rise up from the suppressed class now. As opposed to the time required for the political movement to gain prominence, your rise can happen for you personally, right now. You can begin your personal rise toward the wealthy elite class IMMEDIATELY! The same approach that will free the entire nation and send the suppressed class rising up toward the wealthy elite class will also free the individual and send that person rising up toward the wealthy elite class! I started the Neothink® Society to tell you how…

The Neothink® Society contains the Prime Secret as my special gift to all of us trapped in the suppressed class. The PRIME SECRET is responsible for every rich person and every super-achiever who ever lived: Warren Buffet, Albert Einstein, Jesus, Sam Walton, Gandhi, Michael Jordan, you name it. If a person is rich, a genius, or at the top of his or her field, then he or she uses the Prime Secret. I break the rules of the ruling class by revealing the Prime Secret to you. I am going to forever end the silence of the ruling-class rich and powerful. (Note: Some of the rich and powerful are NOT part of the ruling class. Like you, they are part of the suppressed class as explained in the TVP Movement.)

Let me be clear: Very, very few people know the Prime Secret (known to all members of the Neothink® Society). For, if they knew it and used it, they would be rich and/or moving toward the top of their field. People who know and use the Prime Secret rise up right past their peers, straight up to the wealthy elite class! But most people do not know the Prime Secret BECAUSE YOUR RULING-CLASS LEADERS DO NOT WANT YOU TO!

Why don’t your leaders want you to know the Prime Secret? (Remember, we are led to believe we love our ruling-class leaders!) Consider that those who do not know the Prime Secret are part of the huge non-ruling suppressed class. The non-ruling suppressed class supports the existence of the ruling class. All governments since the beginning of time, including ours from both sides, suppress the Prime Secret in order to cultivate a large, supporting, clueless suppressed class. Governments, ruling-class leaders do not want the Prime Secret to get out. If the Prime Secret leaks, the suppressed class shrinks and the ruling class loses some of its power, wealth, and influence. Those on top cannot accept that, for they are greedy. Their greed has dominated civilization since the beginning of time. No one doubts the Prime Secret can be used for great wealth. Yet, the ruling-class leaders with unearned wealth and power are just not willing to share it!

Their greed has absolutely kept you from the wealth and happiness you were meant to enjoy during your one short life. If you feel mad right now, it is because YOUR government, YOUR ruling class, your leaders have kept the Prime Secret a secret from you! Yes, right here in America! They have kept from you the wealthy and successful life you were meant to live! I have proof of this, recorded for over thirty years in over three thousand pages of literature I personally developed. The ruling class cannot stop me from telling the non-ruling suppressed class about the Prime Secret, for I have too much proof!

Aside from great wealth, the Prime Secret can also be used to become the top of your field at anything. Use it to become a successful artist or entrepreneur. Use it to become successful at anything. We have thousands of examples in the Neothink® Society! Anyone who has ever been rich used the Prime Secret.

My readers use the Prime Secret in any endeavor of life and often soar up into the wealthy elite class! You can see thousands of testimonials by googling Mark Hamilton Neothink. Among many other things, I chose to develop what 99% of the people ask for: how do I substantially increase my income? I developed the Neothink® Self-Leader System that uses the Prime Secret specifically for rapidly multiplying the ordinary person’s income!

The Prime Secret is a brand-new way (for most people)…a shockingly powerful way of using their minds called Neothink. The results of the Prime Secret are stunning.

Thousands upon thousands of testimonials fill the Internet when you google Neothink or the Neothink® Society. With the Prime Secret, with Neothink and its consequential Neothink Self-Leader System, you can climb to the top of your field! You take complete control of your destiny!

Indeed, the ruling class suppresses the Prime Secret and, therefore, has created a suppressed class out of the majority – out of YOU and your family! The ORDINARY person, without having a clue, is part of that huge suppressed class. The ordinary person, WITHOUT HAVING A CLUE, is NOT living the extraordinary life he or she was meant to live. Every ordinary person alive could and should be living NOT trapped in the suppressed class; every ordinary person alive could and should be living in the wealthy elite class!!! All you need is the Prime Secret! That’s ALL YOU NEED!

History’s never-before-spoken words are: all people – everyone – can become rich, including the poor. It all unfolds for you on a personal level in the Neothink® Society.

Never forget: every rich and successful person since the beginning of time used the Prime Secret. The Prime Secret will enable you to achieve ANY goal, ANY dream, ANY desire. And remember, the Neothink® Society reveals the Prime Secret and Neothink Self-Leader System specifically prepared into a step-by-step system to multiply the ordinary person’s income – your income. That is what 99% of the people ask for, so that is what I provide you!

Join. You have NOTHING to lose. You have RICHES to gain! You have your DREAMS and GOALS to win!

The Prime Secret and the Prime Law reveal information the ruling class does not want you to see…information that makes the ordinary person soar…from ordinary to extraordinary. The ruling class wants to keep you ordinary and clueless. I know history’s greatest secret used by the wealthiest people alive, by the wealthiest people who ever lived, by the leaders of the world, by the most powerful men in the world – by Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush (43), Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush (41), Ronald Reagan. Business money/power giants use it too: Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, the Waltons. Legends used it too: Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison. Our founding fathers used it too: Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin.

Very, very few people ever learn this secret. Most people live and die in a mediocre, suppressed life and never know the Prime Secret, which is why so few ever experience great wealth, power, and love. You have felt “something wrong” with life; you just never knew what it was that was wrong. You unknowingly lived a suppressed life. You did not know the ruling-class leaders hold from you a secret – the Prime Secret – that guarantees success and wealth.

The unemployment curse (a sad segment of the massive suppressed class) drives innocent families out of their homes. So, I hesitate no longer and bring history’s greatest secret, the Prime Secret, to all who need it! The Prime Secret Neothink and its consequential Neothink Self-Leader System can save those poor families right now. Eventually, the TVP and its Prime Law will make all poor families and all other families wealthy, healthy, and safe.

The Neothink® Society contains extremely-guarded information that puts me at risk while leaking it to the suppressed class. Join and learn this forbidden information. Join before it is too late. These are the secrets to ever-so elusive prosperity and happiness.

Do you feel that something extraordinary is about to happen in your life? Discover the forbidden knowledge inside the Neothink® Society! Become an unstoppable Self-Leader, an UNSTOPPABLE money-making juggernaut! That RIGHT has been taken away from you, hidden from you, kept secret from you by your leaders for all your life! You have every RIGHT to know the PRIME SECRET they all know! All your life your leaders have suppressed you and your loved ones. But not so any longer…not once you join the Neothink® Society!

Are you ready to know this forbidden knowledge and live the good life that has been kept from you, stolen from you for all of your life? Our parents and their parents live and die without ever discovering abundant wealth and exhilarating happiness. Now you and your children will discover abundant wealth and exhilarating happiness. That life you were meant to live but were suppressed from and kept from will now BE YOURS!!! GET READY to finally break free from the suppressed class and soar up into the wealthy elite class! Get ready for the greatest discovery of the 21st century for individual wealth! Get ready for the LARGEST, MOST WIDE-SWEEPING GET-RICH PROGRAM in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD!Mark Hamilton and The Prime Secret

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